Virginia, I’m with you….

Yes! Sheva is over run with them! Can they be stopped? Of course they can, they’re only bats. Welcome to! Hang on, what is going on here? Oh, now I get it. Wait, what?

You guessed it, I’m off my rocker and way too much time in front of the keyboard. Well actually I don’t, I have a family and a job and (at times) a life. So what the hell am I doing here at one thirty in the morning writing up a front page hunched over my keyboard taking no heed to the warnings I was given in my occupational health and safety training? Well that’s a good question.

A bloody good question…..

One that I’m still trying to answer myself…. SO, come with me on a magical mystery ride of wonderment and frighteningly realistic wood-look panels and we’ll see if we can’t figure all this out,huh?

Here’s to insanity!